Megan Smith's Introduction Video

Introducing myself to Nature's Science of Learning Community
Published in Neuroscience

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Introducing myself to Nature's Science of Learning Community

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Go to the profile of Ioannis Michailidis
almost 8 years ago
You might want to look at the ancient method of memorization using the loci. One needs to imagine the items as placed in different rooms of a house or building. Somehow, they can be recalled very well!
Go to the profile of Megan A Smith
almost 8 years ago
Hi Ioannis, I actually teach the method of loci or "memory palace" when I teach introduction to psychology! The students think it is fun, and they really enjoy Joshua Foer's story (he wrote Moonwalking with Einstein). He was a journalist researching mental athletes and learned how to use the memory palace to compete. Fun story! Have you heard of it?
Go to the profile of Warren Raye
almost 8 years ago
What a great introductory video! Thanks so much Megan.

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