A Guide to the Community Channels

A quick guide to making the most of the Channels on the Communities.
A Guide to the Community Channels

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On the Community, content is grouped into ‘channels’ which contain blog posts and articles dedicated to a particular topic or idea. While some channels are only open to contribution following an invitation (e.g. ‘Behind the Paper’), others welcome thought-leadership pieces and an array of other content.

Below we have outlined the types of posts that are best suited to each channel.

Before publishing your blog post, please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with the Community Policy and that your post aligns with the guidelines.

Primary Channels

‘About the Community’

A compilation of posts to help you navigate your way through the Community space. There you will find helpful tips and suggestions on creating a blog post tailored to your area of interest expanding the reach of your posts, answers to frequently asked questions about the platform, and feature updates.

If you do have a query that was not answered in this channel, please do not hesitate to contact the team.  

‘Behind the Paper’

‘Behind the Paper’ posts provide authors and researchers with the opportunity to share their findings and the stories behind their recently published papers. The posts give readers a ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight into research, from the challenges and successes, to personal anecdotes and accounts from the team. We invite authors to share the methods they used to conduct their studies, as well as experiences of collaborating with other teams and across disciplines. 

In this way, ‘Behind the Paper’ posts aim to break down all aspects of the research. We recommend that our authors limit the use of scientific jargon, for the benefit of our readers, and really focus on the excitement of their findings and implications of their research. The highs and the lows, if you like. The projected impact of the study itself, including any unexpected outcomes and what the future of the field might hold, is of particular interest to us. 

‘News and Opinion’

The ‘News and Opinion’ channel provides a platform for authors to discuss developments in the field, current affairs, or explore new ideas.

Here, authors have the opportunity to expand their reach and explore new avenues of their field, invite collaborators to explore new approaches, discuss the state of their field and more.

‘From the Editors’

As the title suggests, this channel contains content from journal Editors. Content may range from calls for papers for collections, journal cover displays and announcements from the Editors, to new opportunities for authors and roundups of the latest research in the journals. Keep an eye on this channel if you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes across the Research Communities. 

‘On the Road’

This channel encourages contributors to share their stories and experiences, both in a laboratory or out in the field, from around the world. The format of posts herein may be slightly more conversational, and content may involve updates from scientific conferences, or even vacations that bear relevance to the Community. 

‘After the Paper’

‘After the Paper’ posts aim to reflect upon the impact of research 18-24 months after the publication of a paper – specifically, how it has influenced the field, shaped future research, impacted the authors and their teams and the wider community since, and any other impact following the study. Have there been follow up papers? What has happened since? Has there been any impact on the field and further scientific developments?


We also encourage our authors to engage with the channels by ‘watching’ them, if they are of interest. You will receive an email about the latest updates and posts in that particular channel so that you don’t miss out on new content. Notification preferences can be updated in your account settings

A collection of eight posts summary boxes within the Behind the Paper channel. On the top right hand corner a 'Watch' button highlighted within a red rectangle can be found.

If you have any questions about writing a blog post for any channel, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team via email

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