Interview with author of The Germ Files - Jason Tetro

I talk to Jason about his new book and how to communicate microbiology to the public.
Published in Microbiology
Interview with author of The Germ Files - Jason Tetro

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Several months ago, after having written a book review, I had the pleasure of sitting down to a Skype interview with The Germ Guy himself, Jason Tetro. It was a lot of fun and we were able to record a 20 minute conversation where Jason told me more about himself, his passion for microbes and how to convey that passion to the public. For me, as a researcher, it was enlightening to hear how someone who has been so successful with scientific outreach approaches communication. Like any good communicator, Jason has simplified his process and explained 4 rules the he encourages all scientists to use. I have started to implement these rules in all of my outreach and while it is challenging (especially the last one) I have noticed a difference in how my work is perceived. There is also a fun "Micro-Interview" at the end that was inspired by Heidi Burdett and covers themes from his new book - "The Germ Files".

In the interview, find out more about Jason Tetro aka, "The Germ Guy" as well as his rules for science communication, the 4 E's.

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This interview was published alongside the book review that appears in the September 2016 issues of Nature Microbiology.

Libberton, B. A cure for germophobia. Nature Microbiology 1, Article number: 16137 (2016) doi:10.1038/nmicrobiol.2016.137

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