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The 25 most-viewed articles published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, ranked by unique pageviews.
Most-viewed content

The table below ranks the 25 most-viewed articles published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, according to unique pageviews*. Please note that the pageviews include both access-granted and access-denied views, and that many of the articles in the ranked table have been published recently whereas others were published many months ago. The default time frame is 90 days, but you can choose a different period by using the button at the bottom right of the table (please note that valid data are only available from February 2018). Percentage differences are with respect to the immediately preceding period.

The table can be maximised to full screen (see right side of the table's footer), for better visualisation (if you can't see the table, try deleting the cookies associated to this site).

*Unique pageviews are the number of sessions during which the article was viewed (regardless of the number of pageviews generated by the same user during the same session). A session lasts until there has been 30 minutes of inactivity.

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