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Nov 12, 2021

The cover illustrates that T cells can be engineered to express a chimaeric antigen receptor within tumours when heat is locally generated by pulses of focused ultrasound.

See Wu et al.

Image: Lan-Tao Gou, Yinglin Situ and Yiqian Wu. Cover design: Allen Beattie.
Mar 17, 2021

The cover illustrates the imaging of vasculature deep in the human brain at microscopic resolution via ultrasfast ultrasound localization microscopy of intravenously injected microbubbles.

See Demené et al.

Image: Alexandre Dizeux, Physics for Medicine Paris, Inserm. Cover design: Alex Wing.
Feb 15, 2021

The cover illustrates that lentiviruses co-packaging SpCas9 mRNA and an expression cassette encoding for a guide RNA can transiently disrupt targeted disease-modifying genes.

See Ling et al.

Image: Yujia Cai and Sikai Ling, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Cover design: Alex Wing.

Jan 22, 2021

The cover illustrates the differentiation of neural stem cells into neurons via the transduction of chiral photons into force by DNA-bridged chiral assemblies of gold nanoparticles entangled with the neurons’ cytoskeletal fibres.

Image: Hua Kuang and Chuanlai Xu (Jiangnan University), and Nicholas Kotov (University of Michigan). Cover Design: Alex Wing.

Dec 08, 2020

The cover illustrates that physiological and activity data from consumer smartwatches can be used for the real-time detection of COVID-19, often before symptom onset.

See Mishra et al.

Image: Ella Maru studio. Cover design: Alex Wing.
Nov 06, 2020

The cover illustrates antiviral human monoclonal antibodies, in this case against the Zika virus, discovered via a pipeline integrating single-cell mRNA-sequence analysis, bioinformatics, synthetic biology and high-throughput functional analyses.

See Gilchuk et al.

Image: Molecular structures from David S. Goodsell and the RCSB PDB. Cover design: Alex Wing.
Aug 10, 2020

The cover illustrates buckling kirigami structures that when placed on footwear outsoles generate friction forces for the mitigation of slipping and falling.

See Babaee et al.

Image: Diemut Strebe. Cover design: Lauren Heslop.

Feb 19, 2020

The cover illustrates a wireless device, designed to be conformally placed on the suprasternal notch, that provides continuous information of essential vital signs as well as talking time, swallow counts and sleep patterns.

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