Plasma Physics Collection at Nature Communications

Plasma physics collection highlighting the recent papers in fundamental properties of plasma, laser-plasma based particle accelerators, plasma fusion devices and laboratory and astrophysical plasma.

Matter in the plasma form exists everywhere in the universe. It is very challenging to send measurement devices and probes using satellites to explore the plasma in astrophysical environments. However, these extreme conditions can now be created in laboratory by using very powerful lasers and the associated plasma behavior can be studied. In addition, theoretical models are developed to understand and support the findings from the experimental observations. Thus different research efforts from plasma physics to astrophysics can come together to understand the processes occurring in our universe. We have highlighted recent research articles in laboratory and astrophysical plasma topics in free-to-access plasma physics collection published in Nature Communications. These articles touch base on a wide variety of topics, for example, physics of brown dwarfs, electromagnetic waves in Van Allen belts, magnetic reconnection in solar eruption, solar flares and young supernova remnants.

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