Training grants available to early career researchers

Grants of up to €500 are available to promising early career scientists, whose research is focused upon one of the subject areas covered by the Communications Journals. Applications are due Oct 26, 2020.
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Training grants available to early career researchers

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This year, the Communications journals* have redesigned their travel grant award program, as part of our commitment to support the achievements, skills and development of Early Career Researchers. As Covid-19 continues to impose restrictions on travel and organization of events, the scientific community cannot afford losing the enthusiasm and precious value of a generation of young researchers in attending schools and contributing to conferences.

This year, the awards will be offered in the form of training grants, with the aim of supporting promising researchers in financial need by helping them attend a training course or workshop, either online or in person.

The deadline for applications is October 26, 2020.

Please share this opportunity among your colleagues, PhD students and postdocs. To learn more about this opportunity, please read this blog post from Communications Earth & Environment editor Joe Aslin, or visit the Training Grants for Early Career Researchers site for eligibility guidelines.

What have previous grant recipients said about their experience?

"I strongly believe that being aggressive on applying [for] these grants will increase the chance of getting your work visible and [ensure] early career researchers belong into the most appropriate scientific community."
— Őzgűl Gők, 2018 Communications Chemistry grant recipient

I thought I had no chance to be selected but now I realize that all the candidates may think this way. We fail when we believe that our work does not matter but it does matter. . . Thanks to the grant funds I was able to attend the conference but deep inside I think that the recognition on what you do is what signifies most."
— Lara Martini, 2019 Communications Physics grant recipient

*The Communications journals family includes Communications Biology, Communications Chemistry, Communications Earth & Environment, Communications Materials and Communications Physics.

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