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I had my BS in economics, MS in sustainability, both from the University of Leeds, and a doctorate in ecological economics from the University of East Anglia, where my research interest lies in assessment of the socioeconomic impacts of health outcomes resulting from disasters such as heat-waves and air pollution. I'm now handling manuscripts on socio-economics, climate-related health risks, climate policy and sustainability.


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Aug 15, 2018
Replying to Gao Jianguo

I like the word "resilience", in fact, resilience is a popular conception these days.

But, if one wants a resilient society, it should protect its citizens efficiently, apparently, London and Paris are not good examples.

In this regard, maybe we should throw some words on the importance of 'social resilience'. Actually social resilience is a multi-facet concept. It doesn't necessarily mean that a city will be never under disastrous risks, more importantly, it emphasizes the capacity of social groups and communities to recover from, or respond positively to, crises. 


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