Matt Curnock

Social Scientist, CSIRO
  • Australia


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Dec 18, 2019

Great article! Similar issues are playing out in Australia with contested media narratives on extreme weather events and their attribution to climate change; presently bush fires, after mass coral bleaching in 2016 and 2017. I note some parallels in your findings with our study in the Great Barrier Reef published earlier this year:

Thanks for sharing!

Jul 31, 2019

Cool article - thanks! I wonder, is there a relationship between this phenomenon and that described by Dunning & Kruger (re: actual competence and self-assessed competence)?

Jul 04, 2019
Replying to Xiong Zhuang

When I think about the Great Barrier Reef, I always have a beautiful picture of nature in my mind.

Me too! There is still a great deal of beauty to see and experience, and it contributes to our well-being.