Benno Torgler

Professor, Queensland University of Technology
  • Australia

About Benno Torgler

I am a social scientist who has produced academic work in various fields applying a variety of analytical methods and tools of thought and exploration (e.g., lab, field, and natural experiments, survey analysis) in a multidisciplinary context to better understand human decision making. I pioneered the literature on social norms of tax compliance. I have a strong focus in providing insights in the areas of behavioural economics and cognitive psychology. A core goals has been to integrate insights from economics, social and evolutionary psychology, biology, AI, sociology, and political sciences to provide a better understanding of human nature. I have also focused on the scientific study of science itself. As an interdisciplinary traveller, I try my best to take Herb Simon’s piece of advice seriously: “It is fatal to be regarded as a good economist by psychologists, and a good psychologist by political scientists".

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