Santiago Ramirez Barahona

Associate Professor, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
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Replying to Gao Jianguo

Excellent work!!
The reason for "the rise of modern angiosperms was delayed for longer in tropical ecosystems than in temperate and arid ecosystems", is there a possibility that the evolved flowering plants in the high latitude areas and then migrated to the tropics?
By the way, the flowering image is wonderful, is this your work? Do you have the names (Latin name, source, credit) of these 54 flowers? Probably you can email me a word version of the figure caption (

Thank for your comment.

Keep in mind that if you look at stem ages, tropical biomes harbor older families (on average) than temperate and arid biomes. However, what is interesting is that when you look at the fuse times (stem age minus crown age) you get that the tropics harbor families with longer fuses than temperate and arid biomes. This means that families in the tropics originated earlier (on average), but took longer to start diversifying into their living species.

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