Chao Li

Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • United States of America

About Chao Li

Research Interests

  • Functional interfaces (extreme wettability), microfluidic systems, micro-/nano-engineering, and self-assembly
  • On-chip rare (single) cell sample processing, high throughput screening, and analysis
  • Biofilm dynamics, multispecies microbial communities, antimicrobial drug screening
  • Cell-material interactions, biomaterials
  • In vitro organotypic model, inter-kingdom interactions


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Recent Comments

Feb 02, 2022
Replying to Roland C. Wilhelm

Fascinating research and a story well told! Thanks for sharing. I am embarking on the isolation and characterization of surface colonizing bacteria and may be in touch to learn about your fluidics / imaging system.

Dear Roland,

Nice to e-meet you on Nature Portfolio.

Glad to know you find the bacterial zorbing work and our under-oil system interesting. Please just let me know whenever you're available and what to have a chat about bacteria.