Daoping Wang (He/Him)

Hoffmann Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
  • United Kingdom

About Daoping Wang

Here is Daoping. I am a Hoffmann Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

I work with academics from the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, to explore the application of AI technologies in climate risk assessment and governance. I am also in collaboration with the Centre for Climate Engagement in Hughes Hall and the World Economic Forum to bring knowledge on global climate governance to policymakers, stakeholders, and the general public.

I am interested in coupled human and natural systems and sustainable systems analysis, including especially: AI and climate risk assessment and governance; the economics of disasters and risk management; analysis of the cost and benefits of adaptation measures; the complex interactions of climate change, human behavior, global economic network; and sustainable development.

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Nature Communications

One lesson from COVID-19: Achieving equitable vaccines distribution globally

A more equitable global distribution of vaccines can benefit the world, while a multilateral benefit-sharing instrument needs to be developed to remove some of the disincentives for early equitable vaccine distribution globally.

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