Gianluca Fabiani (He/Him)

PhD student, Scuola Superiore Meriodionale, University of Naples Federico II
  • Italy

About Gianluca Fabiani

I am a PhD student in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity (MERC) at Scuola Superiore Meridionale (SSM), Naples, Italy. Additionally, I recently have been a Visiting Student at Johns Hopkins University. I also got a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics at Federico II University. My research interests concern numerical analysis, machine learning, bifurcation analysis and mathematical modeling with particular emphasis on problems that arise in multiscale and multiphase complex systems.

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Nature Communications

AI Learns the Secrets of Tipping Points

Ever wondered what triggers sudden, dramatic shifts in complex systems? Our research takes a innovative Machine Learning approach to unravel the mysteries of "tipping points" - those critical junctures where small changes lead to big, often irreversible consequences.


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