Hao Chen (He/Him)

Professor, Nantong University Medical School
  • China

About Hao Chen

Dr. Hao Chen is currently a Professor of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine at Nantong University. By using scRNA-seq, time-lapse imaging, and conditional KO mice, his lab works on diseases associated with human infertility, such as sperm maturation during the epididymis, asthenozoospermia, and gametogenesis defects.

Subject Areas

Aging Development Physiology

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Cell Discovery

Large-scale single cell sequencing uncovers the epididymis cell atlas and mitochondria segmental-speicific distribution

The present study has revealed the cell atlas of mouse epididymis during two key development ages and found novel markers for the subpopulation of principal cells with the stereocilia. More importantly, our results discovered the high content of mitochondria in the the corpus and cauda epididymis.


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