Premchand Rajeev (He/Him)

PhD scholar, Indian institute of science
  • India

About Premchand Rajeev

I did my graduation in Bachelor of Forestry from Forest College and Research Institute, Mettupalayam, Tamil Nādu in 2014. Then in 2016, I joined the Centre for Neuroscience at IISc to pursue my PhD degree in Neuroscience. I joined the Nano-Org lab of Deepak Nair with a curiosity to study and understand the nanoscale organization of synaptic proteins using super resolution microscopy techniques such as dSTORM, STED, and PALM. In my doctoral work, I studied the organization of synaptic protein SAP97, which is implicated in multiple psychiatric disorders. Outside my scientific pursuits, I am an accomplished classical dancer.

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Cell and Molecular Biology Neurology

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Nature Communications

Schizophrenia related protein SAP97 displays spontaneous nucleation and Ca2+ dependent variability in real-time dynamics.

SAP97 is a scaffold protein that organises cellular junctions likewise the neural correlates of learning and memory. Leveraging super-resolution microscopy, we explored self-organisation of SAP97 and the role of its compositionality of isoforms in forming aggregates in solution and cellular systems.


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