Celebrate Springer Nature one millionth OA with author video

Dr. Xingcai Zhang is honored to be invited to celebrate the Springer Nature one millionth OA publication with the author video representing Nature Communications.
Celebrate Springer Nature one millionth OA with author video

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The author video that Dr. Xingcai Zhang et al. took part in is now live on the Springer Nature YouTube channel and the landing page Springer Nature created to celebrate their one millionth OA article being published. Springer Nature will be using marketing channels over the next few weeks to direct viewers to it, and hoping to include it in some way in the 2021 OA annual report. Cheers Springer Nature and all for promoting open science!---Dr. Xingcai Zhang https://scholar.harvard.edu/xingcaizhang

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 Celebrate Springer Nature one millionth OA with author video

Celebrate Springer Nature one millionth OA with author video

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